HumanisRx helps insurers, public payors and plan sponsors improve value for spend through healthier plan members.

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Our proprietary software uncovers medication and health risks in plan members’ prescription profiles. Our pharmacists work with patients and health teams to resolve those risks.


  • Improved health outcomes
  • Reduced disability, absence, and healthcare costs
  • Better value for healthcare spend


  • Qualify plan member participation using a variety of criteria
  • Measure performance or triage patients by using the software to identify risks
  • Customizable clinical algorithms prioritize members based on need

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Our pharmacists provide one-on-one support for plan members with complex health needs to optimize medication therapy.


  • Healthier employees can fully participate in their usual routine
  • Reduced absence and disability costs
  • New tool for disability case managers in supporting return to work


  • One-on-one telephone consultations in the privacy and comfort of their own home
  • Medication problems such as efficacy, adherence, side effects, and education are addressed
  • Pharmacists work directly with prescribers when medication changes are recommended

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HumanisRx is an organization of pharmacists and technology experts dedicated to evolving medication management.

We build solutions that support the shared goals of private and public insurance providers, plan sponsors, and the Canadians they serve.

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