What is hiding in your plan member data?

Undetected health risks and unnecessary costs.

Drug benefit claims have a wealth of hidden information that our algorithms find and our Pharmacists act on. We adjust treatment plans to clear up side effects, get plan members on the right medications, or even avoid a trip to the emergency room. For insurance providers and employers, this can mean lower costs through reduced benefit and disability claims.

MedMonitor applies this process to thousands of plan members, supporting efficiencies and generating cost savings across an entire organization.

We help individuals get healthier and businesses thrive.

How can we help?

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Healthier Plan Members = Reduced Costs

  • Improved member adherence
  • Optimized medication use
  • Reduced health risks
  • Decreased health benefits usage
  • Reduced disease progression
  • Shorter treatment and recovery periods
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  • Offer plan sponsors a solution to increasing healthcare benefits and disability costs
  • Guide underwriting decisions with population-level insights
  • Stand out in the marketplace with innovative services
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  • Identify high-risk patients so resources can be applied where they are most needed
  • Target programs based on patient criteria or medical conditions, such as the frail elderly or people managing diabetes
  • Reduce healthcare spend by eliminating unnecessary medications, avoiding disease progression, and preventing extended treatment
  • Provide prescriber support by identifying drug therapy problems before medication is prescribed
  • Measure performance of healthcare providers and health systems
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  • Reduce presenteeism by improving plan member health and wellbeing
  • Better value for spend on drug benefits through more effective medication therapy
  • Savings on health benefits through reduced utilization
  • Shorten and avoid disability claims by preventing disease progression
  • Reduce absence costs related to replacing workers and paying sick time

How it works

HumanisRx uses RxCompanionTM, a customizable and scalable platform that helps find and resolve medication and other health-related problems. Our algorithms work in the background to keep your members well.

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Step 1: Gather Plan
Member Data

Plan member drug claim data feeds into RxCompanion.

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Step 2: Ongoing
Real Time Scans

Hundreds of clinical algorithms analyse the data.

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Step 3:
Generate Alerts

Potential problems are identified and triaged.

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Step 4: Pharmacist

HumanisRx pharmacists consult with members and their health care.

Disability cost savings study

In a recent study, we found one in every four members using medication had at least one medication problem; 60% relating to safety. Valuation models estimated short- and long-term disability savings from MedMonitor at $5.7 million for a population of 200,000 plan members. Additional savings from lower presenteeism and absenteeism also accrue.

Read the Study Results

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What can MedMonitor do for you?

Contact us today to receive a no-cost analysis
of your plan member population.

Your comprehensive report will tell you how much risk you carry, and how you can save money.

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