Shorten disability claims by improving plan member health. 

Our MedCheckUp program helps employees off work feel better so they return to work faster. Employees face challenges managing their health because medications are complex, confusing, costly, and carry risk. MedCheckUp reduces disability and absence costs by adding an in-depth medication assessment by a pharmacist to your return to work strategy.

Improving member health benefits

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Healthier Plan Members = Reduced Costs

  • Improved member adherence
  • Optimized medication use
  • Reduced health risks
  • Decreased health benefits usage
  • Reduced disease progression
  • Shorter treatment and recovery periods

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  • Stand out in the marketplace with a new solution targeting
    increased healthcare benefits and disability or absence costs

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  • Shorten and avoid disability claims by preventing disease progression and supporting return to work
  • Better value for spend on drug and health benefits through more effective medication therapy

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  • Innovative tool to help support employees return to work
  • An accessible resource to answer medication questions and concerns
  • Trusted medication expert to coordinate medication therapy from multiple prescribers

Bringing care teams together for better health outcomes

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