HumanisRx helps Canadian health organizations and providers achieve these results.

Our programs benefit:

  • Hospitals
  • Long term care homes
  • Home care programs
  • Disease management programs
  • Family health teams
  • Physicians and prescribers

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Our proprietary software uncovers medication and health risks in patients’ medication histories. Our pharmacists work with patients and prescribers to resolve those risks.


  • Better health outcomes
  • Reduced business and practice risk by preventing errors
  • Health system efficiencies


  • Qualify plan member participation using a variety of criteria
  • Customizable clinical algorithms prioritize patients based on need
  • Measure performance or triage patients by using the software to identify risks

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Our pharmacists provide specialized medication expertise for your most complex patients. We work with you and your patients to optimize their medication regimen.


  • A helpful second opinion on medication therapy for your most complex patients
  • Ensure your patients safely navigate transitions of care to reduce re-admissions or escalations
  • Save valuable time so you can care for more patients


  • One-on-one telephone consultations completed in the privacy and comfort of your patient’s home
  • Medication reconciliations provide support through transitions of care
  • Pharmacists work directly with you if medication changes are recommended

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    HumanisRx is an organization of pharmacists and technology experts dedicated to building solutions that support the shared goals of healthcare providers, health organizations, and the Canadians they serve.

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