Our Team



Jeff May

Jeff is a passionate pharmacy leader with years of experience in clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy, and executive pharmacy leadership. Jeff has held senior executive positions at Shoppers Drug Mart and Target Canada, and has a legacy of contributions to industry organizations.

Jeff’s vision is to leverage the expertise of our pharmacists to expand our contribution to the sustainability of health care in Canada.  He believes that HumanisRx has the opportunity to innovate in ways that pharmacy has not done so before to improve the lives of Canadians.

Jeff is an avid cyclist and strives to be a better hockey player in his spare time.



Sayeh Radpay

Sayeh is a pharmacist with experience in different aspects of the healthcare industry, including hospital, community, pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug information, healthcare information systems, and equity research. She has held senior roles in operations, professional affairs, marketing, product management, and clinical program development. Her international experience brings a unique perspective to the HumanisRx team.

Sayeh’s current role is to evolve the HumanisRx strategic plan and develop new partnerships and revenue opportunities for the company. 

In her spare time Sayeh enjoys discovering new cultures and experiences, whether its hiking Mauna Kea, skiing in the desert in Dubai, or finding the perfect Tom Yum Goong in Bangkok.


National Director, Health Care Innovation

Karen Crone

Karen is a pharmacist with extensive experience across the healthcare industry, including community, long term care and hospital settings. She has held roles in operations, clinical programming, sales, marketing, executive leadership, and pharmacy ownership.

Karen leads the HumanisRx team in the design and delivery of new programs and innovative solutions that pioneer the untapped role of pharmacists in Canadian health care.

Karen also holds certification in wine tasting and in her free time she travels to wine regions around the globe to further her studies.


Clinical Program Lead

Natalle Chan

Natalle is a pharmacist and Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) graduate with experience in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and pharmacy management. 

Natalle is dedicated to patient care and her role on the HumanisRx team is to build our clinical programs that ensure Canadians are receiving optimal treatment while reducing the risk of adverse events and drug interactions. Natalle speaks fluent English and Cantonese.

In her spare time, Natalle enjoys music composition on the piano and eating her way around the city as a foodie adventurer.


Manager, Information Technology

Van Luong

Van is an IT professional with experience in software development, system administration, and strategic leadership for corporate technologies.  Van was previously the Director of IT for a successful start-up that provided an effective communication tool for healthcare providers.

Van is responsible for our technology systems and platforms that form the foundation of HumanisRx’s innovative products and services.

Van enjoys building CNC machines and 3D printers in his spare time and creating better performing versions with each iteration.

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