To support Canadians and help stop the spread of COVID-19, our pharmacist tele-consulting services are now open to the public. No insurance or payment required. Click here to learn more.

Who we are

Work one on one with you and your healthcare team

Medication Therapy

Improve your medication therapy

What We Do

HumanisRx helps Canadians with complex or unique medication needs get the best results from their medications. Our Pharmacists consult with you and your healthcare team and offer suggestions to improve how your medications can work for you or to manage any side effects you may have. We don’t fill your prescriptions, we simply provide information and recommendations about your medications.

Act as your go-to person for medication-related questions

About Us


Monitor your progress with your medications


Provide secure, confidential communication

Who We Are

HumanisRx is an organization of Pharmacists dedicated to helping Canadians feel their best.

Our team of Consulting Pharmacists are trained and experienced in working with individuals with unique or complex healthcare needs. As part of your healthcare team, we work closely with your doctor, your community pharmacists and others who support your health.

Passionate about health and wellness, and skilled in the use of medications, our Pharmacists work with individuals to reach their healthcare goals.

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