The newest program to reduce disability and absence costs.
Your employees stay healthy and at work.

Despite best efforts of health care providers, issues related to medication safety, adherence and less than optimal care all contribute to poor health outcomes. Plan sponsors are frustrated by the effect of these risks on their members, and on short- and long-term disability claims.

But there is a solution… MedMonitor.

Changing the Canadian Paradigm:

The MedMonitor program uses state-of-the-art RxCompanion™ software, applying hundreds of clinical algorithms to analyze drug claim data to identify medication therapy problems and health risks.



HumanisRx pharmacists then intervene with plan members or prescribers to resolve these problems.

Plan Members

These interventions improve adherence to therapy, optimize medication use and reduce health risks.


Improved member health drives reduced presenteeism, absence and disability costs for plan sponsors and insurers.

A study was conducted by HumanisRx with contributions by Munich Re, GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions and Disability Management Institute to test the MedMonitor program.

The study predicted a total potential annual savings of:

$2.7 million

per 200,000 members
in long-term disability costs

$3.0 million

per 200,000 members
in short-term disability costs

Adding these figures together, a proactive medication optimization program could provide a similar
population of  200,000 plan members with at least $5.7 million in annual disability savings.

In addition, plan sponsors would experience reduced:
• Workplace absence
• Plan member replacement costs
• Presenteeism
• Plan member benefits costs

Download study results here

To learn about how MedMonitor can benefit your organization or arrange for a free analysis of the
health risks in your employee population, 
please contact us.

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